Unique-Designer fashion for Dolls

  • Our outfits are unique in their design
  • Each costume is materially matched to the supporting object.
  • To decorate the clothes, we use natural fiber tips, silk ribbons,
    Silk flowers, real feathers, glass or glass pearls
  • All dresses wearing their protected label "D.C." (Diamand Coffre)
  • Each costume comes with its own certificate and essay

    Presentation in Art-Magazin

    Costume special for antique doll

    dollsize 75- 80 cm (31")

    dollsize 65-70 cm (26,5")

    dollsize around 60 cm (around 23,5")

    dollsize around 40 cm (around 16")

    Babydollsize around 60 cm (around 23,5")

    Babydollsize around 50 cm (around 20")

    clothes for every art of doll

    unique clothes for barbiedoll

    doll clothes by customer wishes